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cool pet bed

the Dalmation Daybed

Magnetic beds are becoming extremely popular due to their therapeutic effects on the body, both human and animal. Their most common uses are for pain management and inflammation reduction in injured pets as well as arthritis relief in older pets. The (-) magnetic field enhances blood flow delivering more oxygen and nutrients to joint and muscle tissue helping it to heal quicker. It also enhances melatonin production, which is the calming hormone that helps you sleep well. Therefore, many pet owners also choose magnetic beds for their healthy pets because they often see improved sleep and more energy upon waking.

Most magnetic beds are made of ceramic magnets. Yet the Dalmatian Daybed is made with neodymium rare earth magnets which are attached to the bottom of the frame. Neodymium magnets are stronger, and therefore, more effective than ceramic magnets. And as stated by the W.H.O., there are no negative effects from magnetic therapy. Our magnets have a 6300 gauss surface field.

The Dalmatian Daybed is one of the few luxury magnetic pet beds on the market. This custom-made bed, measuring 20" (w) x 13" (d), is suitable for small cats and dogs. The cushion is 1" thick and made of premium high-density foam covered in super-soft Velboa faux fur. It is firmly secured to the acrylic frame w/ Velcro and can be sponge-washed and air-dried. The frame is available in both transparent blue and opaque green.

modern acrylic dog beds

the Mini Scoop

This highly unique , custom-made ultra modern pet bed is sure to turn heads! the dome-shaped acrylic bed frame is available in pitch black or crystal clear. The super soft Mongolian faux fur comes in a variety of prints and pile lengths. The Mini Scoop is specifically designed for small cats and toy breed dogs, measuring 16"(h) x 16.6" (w) x 15" (d). The cushion velcro-secured to the bed and may be washed with a damp cloth.

Fur prints available:

Blue striped - 1"

Violet striped - 1"

Leopard - 1.5"

Black bear - 2.5"

contemporary pet bowls

the Tripod

Tripod is made of a cool translucent blue acrylic frame housing 3 removable bowls, supported on 3 crystal clear pedestals. This striking pet feeder is designed for multiple cats or small dogs, it measures 15".5 (w) x 15.5" (d) x 3.5" (h).

mid century modern dog bed

the båll

båll is inspired by the works of iconic Scandinavian design icons such as Eero Aarnio of the classic mid 19th century era, just with a pet twist.

This spherical, ultra modern dog bed swivels 360', is made of semi-gloss acrylic, PU leather and sports a comfortable fabric cushion. The interior, exterior and cushion all come in a variety of colors to choose from. It measures 24' x 21" x 18".


bowhouse modern dog house

the Bowhouse

Bowhouse is a tribute to the Bauhaus Movement of early 19th century Germany which spawned the classic era of mid-century modern architecture and design. 

This uniquely artistic, mid-century style dog house is hand-made and constructed entirely from wood and acrylic. The walls and roof are painted bright white, while the entryway and inner roof are painted red creating a beautiful and sharp contrast. 

Bowhouse can be used either as an indoor dog house or an outdoor dog house. The indoor version it will come with a sliding front door which will allow it to be transformed into a dog crate. The outdoor will have a protective weather sealant on it as well as a sleek white aluminum grille built into the rear to allow for ventilation.

It comes in 3 sizes: the small measures 24" x 24" x 24", the medium measures 30" x 30" x 30" and the large 40" x 40" x 40".

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contemporary doghouse

the DogHouse

DogHouse is a unique, versatile indoor/outdoor dog house is custom-made from multi-layered birch wood, and sealed with a weather resistant paint. The end result is a super stylish, yet practical dog house requiring no maintenance at all.

It's constructed using a convenient slot system in which six wooden panels slide apart allowing for both easy cleaning and storage. And can be painted a variety of custom colors.

DogHouse is available in 3 sizes: small - 18" x 18" x 18" x 30" (roof), medium: 25" x 24" x 25.5" x 43.5" (roof), large: 35" x 35" x 35" x 58" (roof).

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